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"The great ship...Galactica. Majestic and loving...strong and protecting. Our home for these many years we've endured the wilderness of space...and now we near the end of our journey. Scouts and electronic surveilance have confirmed that we've reached our haven...that planet which is home to our ancestor brothers. Too many of our sons and daughters did not survive to share the fulfilment of our dream. We can only take comfort and strength in that they did not die in vain. We have at last found...Earth."


Thirty years after the events of the series "Battlestar Galactica," the fugitive star fleet finally reaches its legendary destination. But Commander Adama discovers that the Planet Earth in 1980 is not technologically advanced enough to help them battle the Cylons. Indeed, by coming to Earth, the Galactica has inadvertently exposed the helpless planet to attack by the android race bent on exterminating all humanity.


Lorne Greene - Commander Adama

Kent McCord - Captain Troy

Barry Van Dyke - Lieutenant Dillon

Robyn Douglass - Jamie Hamilton

James Patrick Stuart - Dr. Zee

Allan Miller - Colonel Sydell

Richard Lynch - Xavier

Herb Jefferson Jr. - Boomer

Robbie Rist - Dr. Zee

Robert Reed - Mortinson

Marj Dusay - Mildred

Helen Page Camp - Department Store Sales Lady

George Del Hoyo - Dr. Spencer


For a sequence that showed the Cylons attacking Earth, the producers used footage from Earthquake and superimposed Cylon fighters firing and causing the destruction in the sequence. Thus they managed to create a spectacular sequence on a tiny budget.

Lorne Greene, and Herb Jefferson Jr. are the only regular cast members from the original Battlestar Galactica to appear in the revival series. As a last ditch effort to raise ratings, the producers brought back Dirk Benedict as Starbuck for one episode.

Some episodes in syndication carry the title Battlestar Galactica instead of Galactica 1980.

An edited version of the final episode, "The Return of Starbuck", was included as part of the syndication package for "Battlestar Glactica". This version eliminates the wrap-around story about Dr. Zee relating his dream to Commander Adama and re-cuts the end so that Starbuck appears to escape.

The first episode was edited together with footage from two unrelated episodes to form the TV movie Conquest of Earth (1984) (TV) for broadcast in the UK.



1-1                      27-Jan-1980                  Galactica Discovers Earth (Part 1)

1-2                      03-Feb-1980                 Galactica Discovers Earth (Part 2)

1-3                      10-Feb-1980                 Galactica Discovers Earth (Part 3)

Thirty years after its voyage began, the Galactica finally nears Earth. But to their utter disappointment, Earth's technology is no match for the Cylons. Adama sends representatives ahead to Earth to secretly speed up the planet's development.  Later, Xavier goes back in time to change Earth's technology before the Galactica arrived.


1-4                      16-Mar-1980                 The Super Scouts (Part 1)

1-5                      23-Mar-1980                 The Super Scouts (Part 2)

When the Cylons launch a surprise attack on the fleet, Adama sends Troy and Dillon to take the children to Earth for their own safety.  Troy, Dillon and the children all become involved in efforts to stop a chemical company from polluting a town's water supply.


1-6                      30-Mar-1980                 Spaceball

While Troy and Dillon try to stop the renegade Xavier from altering Earth's history, The Galactica children find themselves at a baseball camp for underprivileged children.


1-7                      13-Apr-1980                 The Night the Cylons Landed

1-8                      20-Apr-1980                 So This Is New York

The Cylon Empire has built a new type of Cylon, a humanoid android; and when one of them survives a crash near New York City, Troy and Dillon must hunt the Cylon down.  Still chasing the humanoid Cylon, Troy and Dillon track him to a radio station, where he tries to send a signal to his Base Star.


1-9                      27-Apr-1980                 Space Croppers

Troy and Dillon form a partnership with an immigrant farmer to produce crops to feed the Galactica refugees after the Cylons destroy the fleet's agroships.


1-10                    04-May-1980                The Return of Starbuck

Dr. Zee tells Adama about a dream where he sees Starbuck, crashed on a distant planet, befriending an injured Cylon Centurion and a mysterious alien woman who gives birth to a baby boy.


Lt. Dillon: You must have us confused with somebody else. My name's not turkey, and neither is his.


Cylon Warrior: You repaired me, you did not create me. I am a Cylon.

Humanity's children are returning home. Today.